You Deserve Great Financial Advice

Real Money Management and Real Advice is the difference Rezny Wealth Management provides! 

Rezny Wealth Management is a Fee-Only SEC Registered Investment Advisor, a Fiduciary, a Money Manager.  We specialize in managing investment portfolios and retirement planning.

Rezny Wealth Management is Different 

  • We are a Fee-Only SEC Registered Investment Advisor/Fiduciary Money Management Firm.  Wall Street, Banks and Insurance Companies are not.
  • We have a legal obligation as a Fiduciary to always act in our clients best interest.  Wall Street, Banks and Insurance Companies do not.

Most of our new clients come from other so-called advisors and big name investment firms who work under the Suitability standard/salespeople, not a Fiduciary standard/Money Managers.  

Sad Fact...The vast majority of these investment firms and their so-called advisors are really in the sales business, not the money management business and they are Not a Fee-Only Fiduciary Money Manager.  You should not entrust your life savings to a salesperson.

We are often asked what Red Flags to watch for:

  • They just want to sell you an Annuity, BIG Warning
  • They want to sell you a non-traded “REIT”, real estate investment trust
  • They tell you what they are selling won’t cost you anything
  • They give you the run-around when you ask questions and want details about the product or cost
  • You hear words like, "paid through the product”, or "no up-front sales charge"
  • The investments they sell have Surrender Penalties or are Not Liquid
  • They are NotFee-Only Fiduciary Registered Investment Advisor

We find 95% of our new clients never understood the difference between a Real Advisor/Fiduciary vs. a Salesman/Suitability, but had doubts about the advice they were receiving for a long long time.

Our Investment Management

We design customized investment and retirement plans that prioritize your unique financial situation, taking your hard work and success to the next level of financial security.

  • Fee-Only SEC Registered Investment Advisor/Fiduciary Relationship    
  • Investment Management
  • Retirement Planning
  • Strategies designed for increasing your retirement income
  • Strategies designed for growing your net worth
  • Strategies to manage the risk in your portfolio
  • Exceptional client communication and service

Your interests always come First at our firm

  • We are Fiduciaries and Money Managers, not sales people. That means we are required to always work in your best interest and manage your wealth, unlike Wall Street firms, Banks and Annuity salespeople.
  • We handle every client individually, you are not ‘just a number’ at our firm, you are special and treated that way.
  • We manage your wealth, we don’t sell investments. 
  • We eliminate conflicts of interest, we work for you.
  • We are fee-only – no side deals, no commissions, just low cost, high value money management.
  • We focus on you and your needs and goals. 

"Unfortunately, most investors don't realize Wall Street firms, Banks and Annuity sales people are not fee-only fiduciaries and selling expensive inferior investments with little regard for your best interest or financial well-being is reality with these non-fiduciary firms." Brian C. Rezny, CFP

Our experience helps You succeed

Our team works for you, so your Goal of a successful long term retirement has the best possible chance of success.  For the last 30 years Brian Rezny, CFP and his team have helped thousands of investors nationwide through our investment management, Radio and TV shows.

A Fee-Only SEC Registered Investment Advisor.    

Working with portfolios $500,000 and larger.