You Deserve Great Financial Advice

When you are ready for your Financial Interests to come First over your advisor!

First and Foremost, your Financial Interests always come First at Rezny Wealth Management!

  • We are Fiduciaries and Money Managers, not sales people. That means we are required to always work in your best interest and manage your wealth, unlike Wall Street firms, Banks and Annuity sales people.
  • We handle every client individually, you are not ‘just a number’ at our firm, you are special and treated that way, unlike Wall Street firms, Banks and Annuity sales people.
  • We manage your wealth, we don’t sell investments, unlike Wall Street firms, Banks and Annuity sales people.
  • We eliminate any and all conflicts of interest with clients, unlike Wall Street firms, Banks and Annuity sales people.
  • We are fee-only – no side deals, no commissions, just low cost, high value money management, unlike Wall Street firms, Banks and Annuity sales people.
  • We focus on you and your needs and goals so you have the best chance at success, unlike Wall Street firms, Banks and Annuity sales people.

Rezny Wealth Management is a Fee-Only Fiduciary Money Management firm.  

We provide conflict-free Adaptive & Active money management for pre-retirees and retirees. 

"Unfortunately, most investors don't realize Wall Street firms, Banks and Annuity sales people are not fee-only fiduciaries and selling expensive inferior investments with little regard for your best interest or financial well-being is reality with these non-fiduciary firms."

As a Fiduciary money manager Rezny Wealth Management has a legal obligation to always work in your legal best interest.

We help you maximize and grow your portfolio while providing you the necessary retirement income you need. 

Our experience helps You succeed

Our team works for you, so your Goal of a successful long term retirement has the best possible chance of success.  For the last 30 years Rezny Wealth Management has helped thousands of investors nationwide through our investment management, Radio and TV shows.

Brian Rezny, CFP, President & Chief Investment Officer of Rezny Management, Inc.

An accomplished & respected Money Manager and host of The Rezny Wealth Report TV and Radio Show. 

Brian’s almost 30 years of investment experience and authority on global investing has guided tens of thousands of investors nationally.

Your single biggest risk as an investor...

Is to falsely believe all firms work in a Fiduciary Standard and actually manage your money.

If you do not truly understand the difference between Fee-Only/Fiduciary vs. Suitability/Sales, download our free report "Your Biggest Risk" report.

We work with clients who have $500,000 of investable assets and higher. If your portfolio is slightly smaller, feel free to reach out to our staff to discuss if we can make an exception.