Real Investment Management not Wall Street Sales

Investment Management Designed for You to Succeed

  • Is your portfolio really being managed properly or is the advice you receive just Sales?
  • Is your portfolio providing the returns you need to achieve your goals?
  • Are you concerned about a lack of risk management to protect against major market corrections? 

Do you or your advisor have a Written Risk Management Strategy to minimize major losses in a severe down market or a recession?  

Remember 2000 or 2008?  We find 95% of investors and their advisors have No Risk Management Strategy. None.

"Unfortunately, history shows those who have No risk management strategy have brutal consequences on their portfolio and retirement security." 

Our investment management is different.

All of our Global Tactical Opportunity Portfolios (GTOP) focus on Adaptive & Active Investment Management.  Timely portfolio adjustments when necessary and risk management when we need to get defensive.

We do not believe in "buy and hold, asset allocation" pushed by Wall Street firms and Banks. Which in our opinion does little for their clients or their portfolios. You are probably experiencing that right now.

Our investment management provides an Adaptive & Active Strategy

We utilize a multi-strategic investment strategy:

 Adaptive & Active Investment Management, because there are times when investment changes need to be made to your portfolio.

►Risk management of your portfolio. We will move into more defensive investments, "Asset Protection Mode" when necessary, like in a recession.

We encompass all broad-based investment sectors in our GTOP strategy, not just stock or bond investments.  

We utilize low cost ETFs /Exchange Traded Funds within our client portfolios to reduce cost, increase liquidity and assure proper asset sector adherence.

As an active money management firm we work diligently to manage the investment risk in your portfolio, making portfolio adjustments when necessary.

Sometimes that means going to Cash or alternative safe investment assets when our GTOP investment strategy signals it is time to get conservative, like in a recession.

Fee-Only Wealth Management - Fiduciary 

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