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Question: Equity Indexed Annuities . . . Good or Bad?

August 02, 2018
  • Investors are misled by the Annuity Charlatans with 6% returns & 10% bonuses

  • These annuities are designed to return maybe 1.5% over a 10 year rolling period

  • Do your homework! Don’t be suckered into the fake pot of money by a sales pitch

Details Emerge on Troubles at Wells Fargo Wealth Unit

  • Two whistleblower letters cited sales goals that led employees to push products with more fees

  • Financial advisors encouraged investors to move funds into products in order to generate extra fees, more revenue and larger bonuses

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Investment & Economic Strategy Update: July 26, 2018

July 27, 2018
  • Broad deal between US & EU reached to drop the tariffs in favor of fair trade

  • Eventually, trade deals with others will be reached strengthening the US economy

  • Just because the economy is good, doesn’t mean investments will skyrocket simultaneously

  • Emerging Market economies are performing well

  • Corporate earnings at record numbers - companies are growing & it's trickling down to the individual

  • We believe the strong economy will eventually translate into higher investment prices & should improve your investment account’s performance

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Question: “Over-Invested in Bonds?”

July 27, 2018
  • When interest rates increase, bond values decrease

  • Bonds can change in value just like any other investment & aren’t as safe as everyone assumes

  • If US economy continues on its current course, those over-invested in bonds can receive poor returns or even significant losses

  • Just because you’re more conservative, owning an oversaturated bond portfolio in a Buy & Hold stock asset allocation is not an appropriate strategy

For more on Bonds, download our special report, “Beware of Bonds!

If You're Worried about Social Security, Do These 4 Things Instead

  • Social Security is facing an impending revenue shortage that will cause it to most likely deplete its trust funds by 2034 and will only manage to pay about 79% of its scheduled benefits unless Congress steps in and comes up with a fix

  • If you're an older worker who's concerned about Social Security, you may want to

    • Build a Stronger Nest Egg
    • Work Longer
    • Plan to Work Part-time as a Senior
    • Reduce Your Senior Living Costs
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House Panel Passes Social Security Online Tools Act

The bill requires the Social Security commissioner to make publicly available online tools allowing individuals that are eligible for disability benefits “to assess the impact of earnings on the individual’s eligibility for, and amount of, benefits received through federal and state benefit programs.”

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Investment & Economic Strategy Update: July 12, 2018

July 13, 2018
  • Overall, markets are slightly up halfway through the year

  • Less volatility than we saw in the 1st quarter of 2018 & will continue to see normal volatility

  • The trade imbalance has been an issue for decades, Trump aims to resolve this to strengthen the US economy

  • Expect to see growth of the economy of over 3% on an average annual basis

  • We have reallocated our portfolios for increased growth in the 2nd half of the year

  • After trimming bond exposure, we are holding more cash in conservative accounts, waiting for the next opportunity

  • Like what we see in the US economy and Emerging Markets, & have exited positions in Developed Markets like Europe

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Question: "Tariffs . . . Good or Bad?"

July 13, 2018
  • Don’t believe trade wars will come to fruition

  • Too many investors are making emotional decisions based on tariff hype from the media

  • Reposition portfolios from being too conservative to more growth oriented

  • Emerging Markets & US Economy present great opportunities while Europe experiences issues

  • Holding cash is a great opportunity for conservative investors who are over-allocated in bonds

Trump Creates Task Force to Police Elder, Cyber Frauds

  • The Trump administration task force will build on the task force set up “in the wake of the financial crisis” under the Obama administration, “which is now a decade passed and [which] focused on specific financial crimes and frauds.” – Acting Associate Attorney General Jesse Panuccio

  • The task force “is a broader effort looking at other areas of consumer fraud and market integrity, such as elder fraud and the growing problem of cybercrime.” - Panuccio

  • Cyber threats “present some of the greatest risks confronting today’s financial markets,” with bad actors using “new technology to perpetrate old frauds, including securities offering frauds.” – SEC Chairman Jay Clayton

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SEC Fines Morgan Stanley $3.6M for Failing to Protect Client Funds

  • The SEC finds that they failed to have reasonably designed policies and procedures in place to prevent its advisory representatives from misusing or misappropriating funds from client accounts.

  • Approximately $7 million was misused or misappropriated out of 4 advisory clients’ accounts in approximately 110 unauthorized transactions occurring over a period of nearly a year.
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