Experience, Honesty, Trust and Results is the difference we provide you and your family.

Work directly with Brian Rezny, CFP and his team.  30 years of experience helps You succeed! 

Do you have any of these concerns?

  • Are you having doubts about the advice you are receiving?
  • Are you questioning your portfolio returns or lack thereof?
  • Are timely changes being made to your portfolio to grow and protect your wealth?
  • Are you concerned you are being "Sold" inferior, high expense, poor performing investments like: annuities, non-traded REIT's, mutual funds, etc., that are harming your financial security?

The number one comment we hear from future new clients at their consultation: "I had concerns about our investments and portfolio for a long time.  We should have come in to see your firm years ago for a second opinion." 

My advice...

"Don't settle for bad advice that harms your financial security, never procrastinate getting a second opinion, put your families security First!"

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We work with clients who have $500,000 of investable assets and higher. If your portfolio is slightly smaller, feel free to reach out to our staff to discuss if we can make an exception.