The disturbing Facts most investors are shocked to learn

the true cause of poor investment returns and how to fix it. 

Learn How to Grow & Protect Your Wealth


You’ve heard him on your Radio & seen him on TV, it’s time to hear him in person! Brian is known for simplifying the complex using a straightforward approach. With the next recession likely coming, 2018 is a crucial time for your wealth. Are you ready for it?


Brian Rezny, CFP will discuss:

  • 2018 & 2019 Market Outlook

            The next recession is coming, is your portfolio prepared?

  • Major Investment & Retirement Mistakes to Avoid

            Are you jeopardizing your wealth by making these critical mistakes? 

  • How Real Money Management works

            Is someone managing your wealth or are you just being sold investments?


This workshop is for you if you

. . . are retired or preparing for retirement

. . . have doubts about how your wealth is currently being managed

. . . are concerned about the quality of your current advisor

. . . are tired of hearing the typical financial runaround sales-pitch 


  • Fort Myers FL   Check back for upcoming September dates 
  • Naples FL          Check back for upcoming September dates 
  • Limited Seating Available

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Workshop is not designed for existing clients, this is a non-client event.  

Rezny Wealth Management reserves the right to refuse any registration by any person or persons deemed unsuitable for our workshops. 


  • Fort Myers FL   September dates coming soon
  • Naples FL          September dates coming soon