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and Competence

That’s the Rezny Wealth Difference.

Real Financial Advice. Real Money Management. 100% of the Time.

Creating Financial Independence for Over 30 Years…

Let Us Do the Same for You

"Hello, I’m Brian Rezny, CFP®, President and Chief Investment Officer at Rezny Wealth Management. My investment career started over 30 years ago. I’ve always enjoyed educating and helping investors become more successful and avoid bad advice from so-called “advisors” (who are really salespeople). I started Rezny Wealth Management with one mission in mind—to always put the best interest of our clients first through proactive investment management and advice as a fee-only fiduciary money manager."

We offer a complimentary money management program for full-time active duty military personnel.

Contact us to find out more.

Complimentary Money Management for Military


Written by Brian Rezny, CFP® Money Manager and host of The Rezny Wealth Report, this special report will open your eyes and change the way you invest and protect your wealth.

Special Report:
3 Investment Risks Investors Must Avoid Now

Special Report:
Why Annuities are Dangerous to your Wealth & Retirement


Special Report:
Real Advisor or Fake Advisor, Fiduciary or Salesperson, are you being Sold?

Help Secure Your Finances with Assistance from a Fee-Only Fiduciary Wealth Management Company in Southwest Florida.

Let us help secure your financial future with one of Southwest Florida’s trusted wealth management companies.
Help secure it with Rezny Wealth Management.
Specializing in investment management and retirement planning, Rezny Wealth Management provides the financial advice you deserve with a fiduciary standard of care. Our goal is to help you achieve financial security for the long term.
We believe in the fiduciary fee-only approach to wealth management. This means we are legally obligated to work only in our clients’ best interests, thereby avoiding the conflicts of interest that are so common with commission and fee-based advisors. In short, we work for you—not a bank, Wall Street firm or insurance company.

Clear financial planning is the key to financial success. From targeted areas of financial concern to total-care plans for your future, our Southwest Florida financial and asset managers help you identify key goals, replacing guesswork with informed clarity.

Financial management need not be too complex. We’ll break down asset management jargon and help you understand your choices. If you have more questions, our friendly financial planners will walk you through the process.

Whether you seek independent investment, unbiased financial planning, retirement planning, or integrated wealth management solutions, meeting your unique needs is always our priority.

Retirement planning, income maximization, tax reduction strategies

Customized money management for your specific situation

Investment management designed to grow your wealth, provide increasing retirement income,
and manage the risk in your portfolio

Active, timely, proactive management of your wealth—no “set it and forget it” sales relationships 

Exceptional service and client communication


Wealth Management

Our wealth and asset management company leverages our broad range of financial capabilities across our business to deliver end-to-end solutions. Entrust your hard-earned wealth to the Rezny Wealth Management’s financial advisors and let us help grow your money through investments.

With us, you also gain access to different kinds of investments. We can set up and manage a tailored wealth management investment portfolio for you.

The Rezny Wealth Report

Get Timely Financial Insights on Your TV, on Your Radio, or in Your Inbox

Keep up-to-date with the current state of the market. Brian is the host of The Rezny Wealth Report, a weekly TV and radio show that helps investors navigate the financial landscape. He even answers your questions live on the air.


Real Financial Advice. Real Money Management. 100% of the Time.
We work with investors who have $500,000 of investment assets and greater.



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