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Trusted Fee-Only Fiduciary Investment Management 

Investment Management Planning

Have your investments managed properly with help from our Fee-Only Fiduciary investment management

Investing your money wisely can lead to profitable returns and Financial and Retirement Security. Investing improperly or hiring a firm with conflicts and self-dealing can lead to financial ruins.  


Navigating the complexities of the investment world can be daunting for the average person due to the abundance of industry jargon and intricate details. To ensure your investments are managed properly and without conflicts, consider seeking assistance from a fee-only fiduciary investment advisor. Unlike many firms that are not fee-only and often have significant conflicts of interest, fee-only advisors are committed to acting in your best interest. They provide objective and unbiased advice and investment management, focusing solely on your financial well-being. 


At Rezny Wealth Management, our fee-only investment management is dedicated to Financial and Retirement success. We believe that successful investments results stem from excellent portfolio management. Our goal is to offer the best investment strategies to help you achieve your financial objectives. By choosing a fee-only fiduciary money manager, you can avoid the pitfalls of firms that merely allocate assets and adopt a buy-and-hold approach, which may not always align with your best interests. Instead, you receive personalized, conflict-free advice designed to maximize your financial returns.

Smart portfolio management starts here.

Our investment portfolio management services

include the following processes:

Establishment of the Portfolio Strategy

Our advisors also weigh the constraints and objectives accordingly. Asset classes usually include debts, financial securities
(foreign, fixed income), currencies, and equities. Leave the selection of assets for investment from these classes to us.

Setting Investment Goals

Investment goals differ depending on the person investing and motivation behind the venture.

We can help you set your objectives depending on your goals (e.g., retirement, payment for a new home, educational plans, and more).

Formulating an Investment Plan

After setting your investment objectives, our financial investment managers will draw up investment plans based on different factors: the financial capacity of investors, risk profile, economic conditions, and market factors.

Investment Management FAQs

  • Who are your clients?
    Our private client group consists predominantly of individuals ranging in age from 50 to 90 years old. Our clients are pre-retirees and retirees. Our clients tend to have similar concerns. They want their money managed without the conflicts of Wall Street, sales and commissions. They don’t have the time or interest to manage their own investments effectively. They may not have the knowledge to manage their own assets but they want someone to do it for them. Many of our clients have recently or will soon experience a major life change, such as retirement, a new marriage, or the passing of a partner or spouse. They are concerned about the impact of these life changes on their long-term financial and retirement plans.
  • What is the minimum investment?
    To work with RWM, our new client minimum is $1,000,000. If your portfolio is $1,000,000 or greater, we can assist you.
  • What are your fees?
    We charge a management fee based upon a percentage of the total value of the assets we manage. The fee is an annual percentage fee. We do not receive commissions on transactions and we accept no other forms of compensation from investment product providers or financial institutions. Rezny Wealth Management is fee-only.
  • What happens to the custody of my accounts and investments?
    We do not have legal custody of our clients’ accounts. Rezny Wealth Management uses Schwab Advisor Services™ as your custodian, your gatekeeper. These are your separate accounts held by Schwab Advisor Services™ for safekeeping. We do not have the ability to access or withdraw your cash or investments. We think this is an important attribute of Rezny Wealth Management, given the recent scandals on Wall Street.
  • Am I locked in? Are there termination penalties?
    There are no barriers to exit a relationship with Rezny Wealth Management. The relationship is terminable on written notice, at any time, without any penalties. There are no forced liquidations, termination fees, back-end loads, redemption fees or other charges associated with the termination of an advisory relationship with our firm.
  • Who are your staff?
    In addition to Brian C. Rezny, we have a highly qualified support staff to assist in day to day operations, research and portfolio management responsibilities.
  • What type of investments do you utilize?
    Rezny Wealth Management utilizes low cost Highly Researched ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds), institutional no load mutual funds, stocks and bonds, encompassing the major world asset classes including U.S. equities, emerging market equities, U.S. bonds/fixed income, International bonds/fixed income, preferred equities, real estate, commodities, currencies, energy and precious metals, cash. As an independent registered investment advisor, we have access to the entire universe of investment alternatives.
  • How often will you make changes to my portfolio?
    Your account(s) will be traded only when our investment strategy dictates a change. We have no incentive to trade your account(s) other than to follow our investment strategy. We do not get paid any commissions on transactions; therefore we have no incentive to trade more than necessary.
  • How frequently do you review my investments and account?
    Daily. All of our investments and portfolio models are monitored daily. We continuously review changes in market, industry sector and asset class conditions. If we find it appropriate to make a tactical change to your asset allocation model, that change will be reflected in your portfolio that day. If any security strays from the desired result, it is sold or other risk management strategies are implemented.
  • Will I be consulted prior to making trades in my account?
    You will want us to react quickly to changes in market conditions or other situations we may encounter. Limited power of attorney (discretionary management) is the authority you provide our firm, authorizing the custodian of your assets to accept our instructions regarding purchases and sales within your account. The custodian holding your account will immediately provide trade confirmations to you on every transaction we enter into on your behalf.
  • Can I review my account online?
    Yes, through your account(s) custodian’s website.
  • How often will you meet with me?
    Review meetings and communications occur regularly with each client. We recommend that we meet either quarterly or semi-annually depending on the complexity of your situation and your needs. We can always meet more often if needed. As we always say, “our door is always open and we are just a phone call away.” We encourage open communication with each of our clients.
  • How often will I get account statements?
    Your account(s) custodian sends you monthly statements and trade confirmations either by mail or email. We also provide a comprehensive customized quarterly report to you by mail.

Build your future.
Stay well informed.

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