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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy of Rezny Wealth Management, Inc.

Regarding Client and Non-Client Privacy
We do not sell or rent personal information about our clients, former clients, & potential clients or their accounts for any purpose. We do not provide your personally identifiable information to mailing list vendors or solicitors or any third party for any purpose whatsoever.
Maintaining your trust and confidence is a high priority. That’s why we want you to understand how we protect your privacy when we collect and use information about you, and the steps that we take to safeguard that information.
Recognition of a Customer’s Expectation of Privacy: At Rezny Wealth Management, Inc., we believe the confidentiality and protection of customer information is one of our fundamental responsibilities. And while information is critical to providing quality service, we recognize that one of our most important assets is our customers’ trust. Thus, the safekeeping of customer information is a priority for Rezny Wealth Management, Inc.
We will not disclose, sell, and distribute your information to any third party for the purposes of marketing.
Brian C. Rezny, CFP/President
Rezny Wealth Management, Inc.
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