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Investment Management Philosophy

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Our Investment Philosophy

Deliver superior risk-adjusted investment results, while being adaptive and nimble at controlling investment risk.
Our dynamic and proactive investment strategy is designed to be flexible and adaptive to prevailing market conditions. We strive to protect you during inevitable market declines, navigate your portfolio smoothly through rapidly changing investment environments, and capitalize on current investment opportunities.
We reject the use of the “set it and forget it” approach pushed by many Wall Street firms, banks and brokers. We believe that the “buy and hold, asset allocation” approach does little for clients’ portfolios and can even be disastrous to your wealth and retirement. There is simply no reason to sit and watch a percentage of your portfolio experience a prolonged downturn of 50%. You may have experienced this in the past or are experiencing it now.
We feel you will benefit from our active approach, Global Tactical Opportunity Portfolios (GTOP®).

Adaptive & Active Investment Management

Your investment portfolio with Rezny Wealth Management is not “buy and hold.” It’s actively managed for upside growth potential, current income and a disciplined risk management strategy in down markets. Our investment strategy is customized to your goals, objectives and risk profile.

All of our GTOPs focus on adaptive and active investment management.

We make timely portfolio adjustments when necessary and risk management when we need to get defensive.

Whether the market is favoring cash, bonds, stocks, commodities, gold, long, short, etc., we believe our relative strength screens will lead us to the investment sectors that are being rewarded most by the market, with the probability that those sectors will continue to perform well in the future.

Risk Management Strategy

Despite the disastrous market crashes of 2000 and 2008, we find that 95% of investors and their advisors have no risk management strategy. None.

History shows those who have no risk management strategy have brutal consequences on their portfolio and retirement security.

Our GTOPs encompass all broad-based investment sectors, not just stock or bond investments. We utilize low cost Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) within our client portfolios to reduce cost, increase liquidity and assure proper asset sector adherence.

As an active money management firm we work diligently to manage the investment risk in your portfolio, making adjustments when necessary. Sometimes this means going to cash or alternative safe investment assets when our GTOP investment strategy signals it’s time to get conservative, like in a recession. We call this move into more defensive investments “Asset Protection Mode.”

Objective Decisions & Recommendations

Our recommendations, advice and investment decisions on your behalf are undistorted by emotion or personal bias. As a fee-only fiduciary, we have no need to sell you certain financial products to earn a commission or play along with a big Wall Street bank.

Our decisions are based on what’s best for you, the client. No ifs, ands or buts! An investment sector is either exhibiting strong relative strength or it’s not. Only investment sectors with strong relative strength based on our proprietary investment strategy are candidates for the portfolios we manage.

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