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Apple Takes the Lead

It has been one month since Steve Jobs resigned as CEO of Apple. And in the past month, the stock is up almost 8%.

Apple recently overtook Exxon Mobile as the world’s largest company by market cap, and this past month that lead has widened.

With a market cap of $377 billion, Apple is almost as valuable as Google and Microsoft combined.

And there are plenty of other things Apple has surpassed in value. A recent article in The Atlantic listed a few:

Apple is worth more than all the bricks in the Great Wall of China (that’s based on $.52 per brick, and 3.873 billion bricks).

Apple is worth more than all of the farmland in Iowa and South Dakota (at $4200 per acre).

Apple is worth more than Singapore’s gross domestic product (at $318 billion).

Apple is worth more than all the homes in Atlanta, Georgia (valued at $274.8 billion in 2010, according to Zillow).

Market cap aside, stock has held up amid the market decline (last week while the market saw its worst week since 2008, shares rose almost 1%). The stock is a buy, but I wouldn’t add to a position right now… because I am not adding to equity positions in general right now.


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