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Brian’s 10 Predictions for 2012

1. US Government Bonds start to fall in value. Investors thinking they were buying safe investments find out bonds can also go down in value. This includes all long-term bond investments, but Government Bonds are the most overvalued of all bonds and fall the most.

2. Emerging Market Bonds outperform other categories of bonds as emerging market countries start a cycle of easing to stimulate their economies.

3. US Stock Market outperforms in the first half of 2012; emerging market stock markets outperform the US stock market in second half of 2012.

4. Home values continue to fall in the US.

5. Individual investors continue to underperform as emotions get the best of them. They continue to shift assets to cash and low-yielding investments looking for safety, only to miss investment opportunities around the world.

6. Best Buy and HH Gregg shares continue to sink as more and more shoppers go online for bargains and pressure margins at box retailers.

7. Apple continues to gain market share across all product segments as more individuals jump ship from old technology and embrace new Apple products.

8. Gold is flat to down in 2012 as the US printing press eases.

9. A new President is elected as a weak US economy, high unemployment and high deficits persist, steering voters in a new direction.

10. The US does not go into a recession and most Emerging Countries reaccelerate their economic growth in the 2nd half of 2012.

Bonus Prediction: 11. The S&P 500 hits an all time high. These are only predictions, no guarantee can be made if any of these predictions will come true, do not trade your investments around these predictions as they are meant for entertainment purposes only. All investments contain the risk of loss of principal. Let’s see how many come true. Rezny Wealth Management may hold investments in above mentioned securities; positions can change at any time.


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