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Question: Will the US economy see another major correction this year?

This is a question we have been receiving a lot lately and many people want to know if there will be a better buying opportunity this year. That is a guessing game that is likely to be wrong at this point. We have received numerous new clients recently because they were simply fed-up with the poor portfolio performance they received working with so-called “advisors” from these large banks, brokerage firms, and insurance companies. A real investment strategy that is devoid of emotional decision-making is a key component to investing. Did you get too conservative with your portfolio waiting for the next shoe to drop?…

Remember: volatility in the market is normal and proper investment management requires a fluid and adaptable strategy in order to be successful. Going conservative AFTER the market drops is going to COST YOU and your retirement. Don’t get duped by Wall Street and fake advisors! Contact Rezny Wealth Management and discover what REAL, active money management can do for you. Call, 1-800-618-8577.

Side Note: Our current minimum portfolio requirement for new clients is $500,000 and greater. Beginning in January 2021, our minimum portfolio requirement will go up to $1,000,000. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to work with an investment advisor that cares about its clients and their retirement. If you have a portfolio of $500,000 and greater, call us today! 1-800-618-8577


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