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Fear Sells: Why Media Loves Recession Scares

Updated: Feb 23

Media outlets often push recession scares for several reasons. Sensational headlines and stories about potential recessions tend to attract more readers or viewers, which can help boost advertising revenue. Additionally, recessions are significant economic events that can have widespread impacts on businesses, individuals, and governments, making them newsworthy topics.

Furthermore, journalists and media outlets may believe that reporting on potential recessions is a public service, as it can inform and prepare individuals and businesses for economic downturns. However, this focus on recession risks can sometimes be exaggerated or sensationalized, leading to unnecessary fear and anxiety among the public.

It's also worth noting that predicting recessions is inherently challenging, and economists and analysts often disagree on the timing and severity of economic downturns. As a result, media coverage of recession risks can vary widely depending on the sources and perspectives being presented.

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