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Gold and Commodities Are Still Weak!

Gold and Commodities have been relatively weak, ranking low in our Proprietary System, indicating a sell all year and still signaling a sell today.

Here’s how our system works: Our proprietary relative strength investment strategy measures the strength/performance of a wide range of investment assets and sectors. We then manage the top ranked assets in our client portfolios. When and if an asset falls from our top ranking, it is sold and replaced on a very progressive basis. We are always on top of changing investment conditions and our strategy allows us to adapt as necessary.

We own/buy assets in an (uptrend/relatively stronger) and sell assets in a (downtrend/relatively weaker).

Do you Own Gold or Commodity Based Investment sectors? Why?

Clients of Rezny Wealth Management Do Not Gold or Commodity investments. We are proud to say our investment management kept our clients clear of these two weak investment sectors all year.


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