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Investment & Economic Strategy Update — August 18, 2020

The overall equity market, bond market, and the US economy are making a good recovery. Our firm continuously does research to stay on top of current market trends and we never make decisions based on emotions; this has proved successful for our firm and its clients. Emotional decision making WILL HURT your portfolio every time!

The US election is heating up and polls are being released. Remember: polls are NEVER accurate. Do you recall the 2016 election? Policies matter and the policies that President Trump has enacted have overall been more beneficial to the US economy.

That being said, things that might change however are how the government spends money. Both sides, the Republicans, and the Democrats like to spend money, it’s just how that money gets distributed that may change. Generally, however, our firm sees the US economy finishing strong for the end of 2020 and even stronger for 2021.


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