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Investment & Economic Strategy Update — July 28, 2020

We are over halfway through 2020 and a large portion of US stock indices are positive, so far, for the year. We are still invested in the US and not overseas and will continue to do so as other countries are still struggling. Rezny Wealth Management performs in-depth research daily for all asset categories to ensure our clients are invested in the right places for the current market trends.

A huge announcement was made by the Trump administration today with a plan that will return approximately 25 percent of medical drug production and manufacturing to the US. This will ultimately give a major boost to the US economy and will, in our opinion, provide a catalyst for more supply chain and manufacturing companies to return to the US. Something that will need to be addressed by the boost in labor demand will be the processes for legal immigration, which will play a major role in all of the added jobs.

Remember: Market volatility is normal and corrections will happen but the important thing to keep in mind is that it is NEVER a good idea to bet against the US economy when investing.


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