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Question: Why are you buying that stock without doing research first?

In this question video, Brian Rezny wants to know… What research have you done before you invest in a particular stock?… Sadly, most investors do absolutely no research before buying a stock. They only buy them because the price is down 50% or more or because they know the name (brand recognition). Any stock that drops dramatically will often “bounce” however, the key is whether the stock is a long-term investment or a speculation trade (financial gambling). The truth is, most self-managing investors do a very poor job. Randomly buying and selling stocks that are up and down without actually performing any research, and having no strategy is going to give you lousy returns; years of studies have proven this. Any stock can go up temporarily but it can also crash & crater just as quick. Remember, speculation and gambling with your portfolio is a fool’s game that you are sure to lose.


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