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Exxon Mobile’s Soaring Profit

“Exxon Mobile’s results for the third quarter of 2011 reflect a continued commitment to operational integrity, disciplined investing and superior project execution”, according to CEO Rex Tillerson.

Profit in the third quarter rose 41% to $10.3 billion…marking the third consecutive quarter with profits exceeding $10 billion. The last time the company saw over $10 billion in profit for three quarters was 2008…when Brent oil hit a record $147.50 a barrel (and the company saw full-year income of $45.22 billion).

With that, profit is still below the company’s record of $14.83 billion hit in the third quarter of 2008. And this quarter’s performance was fueled by higher commodity prices. Exxon’s oil and natural gas production fell 4% (the largest decline in three years), but the surging oil prices overshadowed the decline.

The stock is up over 11% year-to-date (and could be on track for its best performance since 2007). And shares have risen 10% in the past month…resulting in a long-term buy signal last week. That said, shares a looking a little overbought, so I wouldn’t jump in right now.


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