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Investment & Economic Strategy Update — April 17, 2020

In this update video, Brian discusses what to expect for the U.S. as well as the global economy as the United States, as well as, other countries begin to flatten the curve of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and as social distancing measures and business and activity restrictions begin to relax. Things should begin to return to normal over the coming weeks (in our opinion) and even though the second-quarter GDP will have a dismal outlook, it should improve as we go into the third and fourth quarter of 2020 and the U.S. economy should see a decent rebound by year-end, in our opinion. Factors that could help the U.S. include a possible decline in international travel and an increase in domestic travel as Americans decide to vacation within the United States as opposed to other countries. The U.S. could also see a shift in supply chains coming back which will also benefit the economy and the labor force. Areas that are going to struggle to recover are the cruise line industry, emerging markets, and Europe. As usual, investing outside of the U.S. continues to be a bad idea.


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