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Investment & Economic Strategy Update — April 6, 2021

In Our Opinion:

We are officially in the second quarter of 2021 and the sectors of the market that our firm was invested in was in a positive mode. Remember though, normal pull-backs and volatility happen on a yearly basis. The key is having a real money management firm like Rezny Wealth Management, to do all of the hardcore daily research and make the necessary portfolio adjustments when we see changing dynamics within the economy and the investment markets.

As for the new administration… Quit worrying! The world is not coming to an end; your IRAs are not going to be taxed or taken away from you. Marketing companies use fear and scare tactics to sell you products. Don’t buy into the hype!

Herd mentality is also detrimental to your portfolio; don’t let a friend or family member lead you into a bad investment because they think it’s a good idea. Learn from other’s mistakes.

For the economy, we see the potential for substantial growth in 2021 & 22 with a possible GDP growth in the range of 5-8%. As for gold; we do not own gold nor will we anytime soon and the bond market is grossly overvalued.

If you have questions or concerns about your portfolio, give us a call. (800) 618-8577 or visit our website, and schedule a consultation.


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