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Investment & Economic Strategy Update — January 16, 2022

In Our Opinion:

  1. So far the market has seen some normal volatility. The last couple of years have been subdued compared to the norm.

  2. Investors NEED to understand and accept that volatility is normal when it comes to making returns on their money.

  3. Treasuries and the Bond market are not safe from volatility and can go down in value also.

  4. Statistically speaking; The Market has a 10-12% pull-back in most asset categories every year.

  5. Inflation has been a small concern in some areas like the auto industry but appears to be cooling down.

  6. Expect inflation to continue to be sticky for the first half of 2022.

  7. Remember: Panicking and being an emotional investor is detrimental to your wealth and retirement.

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