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Investment & Economic Strategy Update — July 13, 2022

In Our Opinion:

  1. The first half of ’22 saw most indices down; including the Bond Market.

  2. Government treasuries (Bonds) were actually down more than the Equity Market.

  3. Remember: Volatility is normal and 20 percent corrections happen every three years.

  4. Keep in mind, not all aspects of a recession are bad. It creates an opportunity to purchase assets for a cheaper price.

  5. Our firm conducts extensive research to look for these opportunities and growth potential.

  6. Just like volatility; recessions are normal and happen often. Don’t fear them, use them as opportunity and potential to grow your portfolio.

  7. Energy prices are going to remain high for a while but the overall economy remains strong and pushing forward.

  8. Inflation is still up but has begun to abate in some areas.

If you have questions or concerns about your portfolio, give us a call. (800) 618-8577 or visit our website, and schedule a consultation.


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