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Investment & Economic Strategy Update — June 15, 2020

In this update video, Brian Rezny discusses the current state of the US economy as states continue to relax restrictions on businesses and public gatherings for the COVID-19 coronavirus. The equity market is making a comeback and the economy is reopening. Fluctuations in the coronavirus numbers are to be expected. As testing goes up, so do the numbers. Our government has stated that it will not shut down the country again and we don’t expect that that will ever happen again. The third quarter of 2020 should see strong gains and will be well ahead of where we are currently and the fourth quarter should see a strong steady track for growth with the potential for even better growth moving into 2021. Remember… hardcore daily research, an investment strategy, and not being an emotional investor is why our client portfolios are well-positioned, in our opinion, to capture future gains in the bond and equity sides of the market. Emotional investing always gets investors in trouble and our firm often hears praise from our clients regarding their portfolios. Lastly, NEVER, EVER bet against the US when it comes to investing. Rezny Wealth Management is only invested in the US because we believe other areas will not come back as strong and will be weak at best.


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