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Question: Are Equity Index Annuities Good for Your Portfolio?

Are Equity Index Annuities really a good investment strategy for your retirement portfolio??? Simple… NO! They contain layers and layers of high expenses and surrender penalties that can last up to 10-12 years and ultimately rob your portfolio returns…

They are designed to be conservative investments with a 1-1.5% annualized return over a 10-year period. You would have a better chance of a higher ROI by going to a bank and purchasing a CD, plus, CDs offer instant liquidity of your money and are FDIC insured by the US government…

Another false promise of Equity Index Annuities… Income for life… You are essentially holding your own money hostage and slowly having it paid back to you in small installments over a 20-year period. It isn’t a return on your money or interest on top of your money… just YOUR money. You basically just pay yourself.

In our opinion, Annuities are garbage, plain and simple. They are junk investments layered with expenses and surrender penalties that lock up your money and rob you of your ROI… BUYER BEWARE!


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