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The Financial Blunders You Must Avoid

For this video, Brian Rezny discusses the financial blunders that investors should avoid based on questions that he has received on his TV and Radio show, The Rezny Wealth Report. The U.S. continues to be the best place for investors to be invested. Oil markets have seen a dramatic decline in prices and are never a good option as a long-term investment. You have to do your research when you invest. No research, no investment strategy, and no risk assessment strategy means you are going to get lousy returns. Another BIG financial mistake… Buying into annuities. Annuities ARE GARBAGE; plain and simple. You will not get good returns and there is no 10% bonus for your money. All you are going to do is lock your money up in a product that is designed to have high-cost commissions, hidden fees, and surrender penalties. There is no such thing as FREE MONEY! Fee-only fiduciary money managers are the only people you should use to help you manage your portfolio. Real Advice, Real Money Management, 100% of the time. That is the Rezny Wealth difference.


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