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Investment & Economic Strategy Update — January 4, 2021

Looking back at 2020, staying true to strategy and research instead of making emotional investment decisions paid-off and we are proud to say that our client portfolios had a great year! As we go into 2021, we will continue to make portfolio adjustments as needed.

We are looking at possibly trimming some tech exposure…. Remember: Certain stocks can be on an upward trend for a long time before they crash and be wary of stocks like TSLA (Tesla Car Company). Its extremely high PE ratio means it is full of small short-term investors that are just chasing stocks.

Investment bubbles are never good for your portfolio and chasing investments that go up in value dramatically will burn you! Also, keep in mind that trading platforms like Robinhood are not solid investment options.

Our firm sees the economy doing well this year with a 4-7% GDP growth possible and there is potential for the equity market to continue expanding as well. That being said, there is a possibility for a 10-12% pull-back on your portfolio this year but as we constantly stress to our clients, don’t panic or make emotional decisions. Stay the course!

As always, if you have questions or concerns about your portfolio, give us a call. (800) 618-8577.


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